Are you feeling hopeless and frustrated for not being able to control the devastating IBS Symptoms?  

Hypnotherapy may assist your mind to control your gut, so you can have control of your life again.

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  • Although IBS impacts the lives of 20% of Australians, most of them suffer in silence.
  • IBS is a condition which symptoms are very difficult to relieve. Most people suffer in silence and just give up. They live disenpowered, feeling they are just surviving.
  • Studies have shown that Gut Directed Hypnotherapy is successful in 80% of patients, measured by a reduction of all bowel symptoms: pain, bloating, diarrheal/constipation.
  • It was also found to improve quality of life measures, with more patients returning to work and having fewer visits to the doctor for IBS.
  • Hypnotherapy directs the mind to control the gut. Hypnotherapy for IBS also teaches clients to overcome negative thinking patterns as well as emotional triggers that may aggravate the condition.
  • The hypnotherapy session is relaxing and for most clients a very pleasant and enjoyable experience. All hypnosis is self Hypnosis: the client is always in control, comfortable and empowered. Most clients experience an improvement in the first few sessions. Clients master self hypnosis and mind body techniques to feel empowered for many years to come.
  • IBS has similar symptoms of other serious diseases.Please have it properly diagnosed by a Gastroenterologist.

About Adriana Custeau

I had IBS since I was 6 years old. In those days the condition was not diagnosed, my family thought that I had a mental issue that it was not real and it was all in my mind. I kept if for myself. I felt embarrassed and I had no confidence at all.

Today I am passionate about assisting people to improve the symptoms of IBS.I know for many it is possible. I am committed to assist my clients 100%.

As a coach; I don’t go into the past or focus on the psychological issues of my clients but rather find solutions for the present moment, so they can transform their lives.

I teach different techniques (hypnotherapy,NLP,EFT etc), so my clients feel empowered with a success toolbox to carry for life.

In order to find out if “Hypnotherapy for IBS “is for you, I offer all of my clients 2 options: a complementary 30 minutes session or to attend one of my 2 hours workshops.

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